Directed by par Kaveh Bakhtiari

Documentary | 2013 | 85 min

Producers : Elisa Garbar, Heinz Dill, Olivier Charvet et Sophie Germain

Producted by Louise Productions & Kaléo Films



A few months ago, the director learned that his cousin Moshen had left Iran illegally.

Cheated by the smuggler, left alone in Athens, he found shelter in the home of another Iranian, a man called Amir who left the country four years ago whith the aim of reaching Switzerland. Unfortunately for him, he was arrested in Athens. In order not to be sent back, he applied for political asylum in Greece.

To make ends meet, Amir converted a two-room basement apartment into a sort of ‘hostel’ for illegal Iranians passing through in the hope of settling in Europe. Amir rents them space, feeds them and above all guides and advises them, keeping a watchful, protective eye out for them. He constantly reminds them: “Don't let yourselves go, don't get bogged down, or else you'll end up staying here, like me! And there's nothing for you here”.

The obsession to find a decent “border escort” or smuggler who can help them slip through police controls and cross borders without drawing the attention of customs agents, provokes constant comings and goings between meetings with smugglers in neighboring areas and Amir's flat.

Who's next?

Who will be the next one to get caught by an ID control and hauled in?

That is the question that haunts the daily conversations of this place where fear, laughter and tears coexist and where lives are turned over forever in a matter of seconds...


A film by : Kaveh Bakhtiari

Image and sound : Kaveh Bakhtiari

Script consultant and director's assistant : Marie-Eve Hildbrand

Editing : Kaveh Bakhtiari, Charlotte Tourres & Sou Abadi

Sound editing and mix : Etienne Curchod

Original music score : Luc Rambo

Producers : 

Elisa Garbar et Heinz Dill (Louise Productions)

Olivier Charvet et Sophie Germain (Kaléo Films)

A Swiss/French coproduction by :

Louise Productions (CH)       

Kaléo Films (FR)

In coproduction with : SSR-SRG idée suisse, Radio Télévision Suisse Romande

With the support of : 

Office Fédéral de la Culture

Fonds REGIO Films 

with la Fondation vaudoise pour le cinéma et la Loterie Romande

Fonds Culturel Suissimage

Pour-cent-culturel Migros

Fondation Education 21 / Films pour un seul monde

City of Geneva

Corymbo foundation

With the participation of : Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l’Image Animée

And the support of : Région Ile-de-France

International sales : Doc & Film International

Distribution France : Epicentre Films

Distribution Switzerland : Filmcoopi


Cannes 2013, Quinzaine des réalisateurs 

  • World premiere

  • In competition for la Caméra d’Or