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Heinz Dill

Born in 1957, Heinz Dill has always been interested in culture, and more specifically into performing arts and cinema. His main interest however went to artistic management and production.

He began as a concert promoter before becoming a music manager, producing music tours around the world from 1982 to 1993.  It is also during this period that he made his first steps in filmmaking by producing short films and his first documentaries. He truly shifted from music to cinema in 1993 when he became a location manager, production manager and later by moving into line producing.

In 1996, he founded Louise Productions and provided line production services for foreign films shot in Switzerland, such as Photographing Fairies by Nick Willing (UK -1996), La Débandade by Claude Berri (France - 1999), Chaos by Coline Serreau (France - 2000) among many.

In 2001, he steps into production with X days, a Prisoner's Diary by Pierre-Yves Borgeaud and Stéphane Blok, awarded with Golden Leopard in the international video at Locarno Festival 2003. And Desert Wind, feature documentary by François Kohler in 2005.

And in 2005, Elisa Garbar joins in as a producer. Their collaboration will lead to a number of high profiled and successful films, presented in major festivals and nominated for prestigious awards.


Réalisations de Louise Productions Vevey :

2014      Elegy for a lighthouse, filmic essay by Dominique de Rivaz

2015      Nirin,  short film by Josua Hotz, numerous festivals world-wide

2015      Homer, a hunter's fateshort film by Zahra Vargas, selected by the Berlin Critics' Week in Berlin

2017      Clara Haskil – The Performer's enigma, documentary by Pascal Cling, Prune Jaillet and Pierre-Olivier François for ARTE and Swiss Television. Successful theater release in Switzerland.