dwarf giant

Directed by Fabienne Giezendanner

Animation | 2013 | 12 min

Produced by Louise Productions & Zéro de Conduite Productions 



According to the tradition, Petite Neige, a young inuit, needs to capture a low flying bird in order to pass into the world of grown-ups. On the verge of catching the bird, she falls into a mysterious fjord belonging to the giant dwarf, an ogre who has the power to change his size at will by sneezing.
An initiatory tale for grown ups and little ones.


Directed by : Fabienne Giezendanner

Written by : Fabienne Giezendanner, Albertine Zullo

Production : Louise Productions Lausanne, Zéro de Conduite Productions 

Producer : Elisabeth Garbar, Barbara Vougnon, Heinz Dill      

Executive Producer : Elisabeth Garbar, Barbara Vougnon, Heinz Dill           

Editing : Julien Sulser         

Sound Editing : Julien Sulser        

Sound Design : Julien Sulser, Julien Sena

Rerecording Sound Mix : Jérôme Cuendet        

Music : Julien Sulser

Animation by : Daniel Muller, Jean-François Ramazani, Valérie Juillard, Mathieu Bonvin , Gilles Cuvelier, Gabriel Jacquel           

Compositing : Santine Munoz, Sébastien Samyn, Rémi Soyez, Jordan Caprasse, Martin Uytterbroeck