Founded in 1996, Louise Productions started by providing production services to foreign companies coming to Switzerland for their film shooting.

In 2005, Elisa Garbar joins the company as a producer, and as a associate in 2008. Since 2008, the society focuses in developing and producing features films (short films, films, documentary and animation).

Highly committed to the filmmakers they do work with, their production approach has been rewarded with the steady success of their films, especially since three of their films have been nominated for the  best European documentary Award of three of their films, and this three years in a row (!), Namely Nomadic Winter of Manuel von Sturler, winner 2012, The call of Kaveh Bakthiari in 2013, and Of Men and War of Laurent Bécue-Renard in 2014.

In 2014, two separate production units were created in Lausanne and Vevey, led respectively by Elisa Garbar and Heinz Dill.


2007      The Suitcase, a short film by Kaveh Bakthiari

2008    Restroom, a short film by Richard Szotyori.

2009      In the Shadow of the Mountain, a documentary by Danielle Jaeggi

        2009       Raw Beauty, a documentary by Hervé Nisic and Michel Beretti.

2012      Winter Nomads, a documentary by Manuel von Stürler.

2013      Stop-Over, a documentary by Kaveh Bakhtiari.

       2013       Dwarf Giant, a short animated film by Fabienne Giezendanner,

2014      Of Men and Wara documentary by Laurent Bécue-Renard.


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