Directed by  Danielle Jaeggi

Documentary | 20017 | 86 min

Producer : Elisa Garbar

Producted by par Louise Productions Lausanne



A Swissair plane catches fire on flight and disintegrates just after take-off from Kloten. It’s September 4th 1963. In the rubble, the rescuers discover the wallet of a certain Reynold Thiel, businessman, tailor, virtuoso pianist and composer.

This swissman from Neuchâtel is unkown to the public. However, the Federal Council knows him pretty well. The political police has compiled through the years a voluminous file on him that is getting around between the government members.  Because he’s a communist ? He denies it in the mid 30’s while the feds are looking after him. Then the detectives have some difficulties to follow his footsteps. They ignore that he’s fighting in Spain in the International Brigade, then in Paris and in the Maquis Resistance in Morvan against the Nazis. When the Police finds him back after war, Thiel has become a businessman, travelling to Moscow, Beijing, Bucarest…  They spy on him constantly until his death. What are they looking for ? What is his secret ?

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