Clara Haskil - Ther Performer's Enigma | by Pascal Cling, Prune Jaillet and Pierre-Olivier François
Burning Out | by Jérôme Le Maire
Of Men and War | Directed by Laurent Bécue-Renard
Dwarf Giant | Directed by Fabienne Giezendanner
Elegy for a Lighthouse | directed by Dominique de Rivaz
Keeper | Directed by Guillaume Senez
L'Air de Rien | Directed by Sylvie Lazzarini
Stop-Over | Directed by Kaveh Bakhtiari
Winter Nomads | Directed by Manuel von Stürler
In the shadow of the mountain | Directed by Danielle Jaeggi
Raw Beauty | Directed by Hervé Nisic et Michel Beretti
Au Café Romand | Directed by Richard Szotyori
The Suitcase | Directed by Kaveh Bakhtiari
Desert Wind | Directed by François Kohler
A Prisoner's Diary | Directed by Pierre-Yves Borgeaud et Stéphane Block

"Nirin" is selected at the Swiss Film Award - Best short film!!

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